Webinar: Feminist Responses to COVID-19: What are the gendered impacts of the pandemic?

To what extent responses to the pandemic address the challenges and needs of women and LGBTQI+ who face multiple forms of discrimination? This question has been concerning the feminists across the world and in order to kick-start a discussion around and beyond those issues Femiskop is organizing a webinar on May 14, 2020. From Kazakhstan- Aigerim Kamidola, Kyrgyzstan- Mohira Suyarkulova, Georgia- Maka Meshveliani, Turkey- Naz Akyol and Azerbaijan- Vahid Aliyev will be bringing country specific issues, policies and actions taken in the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak. This webinar is also an attempt to establish bridges for exchange and support between the feminist collectives, professionals and researchers. 

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Covid-19 is a global public health crisis and an economic crisis that impacts adversely different groups. Front-line health professionals and workers most exposed to infectious diseases are likely to be women. And 67% of the global health workforce is female, according to a 2019 study. Activists, researchers and gender professionals will look at how the crisis is taking shape in the broader context of capitalism, gender inequality, and climate change. While the speakers will provide country specific insight the overall content of the webinar will be covering:
– why coronavirus policies are ‘gender blind’;
– strengthening health and social systems;
– failure of neoliberal capitalism: why we need feminist global solidarity
– unseen pandemics: why home is not a safe place for everyone
– how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the labour market and informal migrant workers

The webinar will take place Almaty, Bishkek- 7PM; Tbilisi- 5 PM; Baku- 5 PM; Turkey- 4 PM; CET- 3 PM; UK- 2 PM