EcoFeminist Festival Opening Event

Ecofeminism as a movement emerged as a realization of connections between the struggle for gender equality and preserving the environment. Since the emergence of ecofeminist movement an extra layer of the technological development started having repercussions on our everyday life, which is often left unseen.

As part of mediations on this subjects this year Femiskop decided to organize the EcoFeminist Festival. The idea of the project emerged from the interest in ecofeminism, the research about the impacts of water shortages on gender equality in Azerbaijan, and a necessity to reflect on the environmental problems in this locality through a combination of academic research, fictions, everyday and more. While during the festival a team of mentors will work closely with selected artists on the development of art works that tackle above mentioned subjects – in parallel a public programming for steering more discussion will be running.

This program will start on July 1 6 16:00 CET time or 18:00 Baku time (GMT+4) time with the Opening Conference with the participation of acclaimed artists, curators, and researchers. You can join the event via this link:

. The agenda of the event looks like the following:

16:00-16:05 –  Welcoming

16:05-16:20 –  Opening remarks by Femiskop team

16:20-17:00 –  Dehlia Hannah presentation and Q&A

17:00-17:10 –  Break

17:10-17:50 –  Angeliki Tzortzakaki presentation and Q&A

17:50-18:30 –  Gözde Filinta presentation amd Q&A

18:30-18:50 – Closing remarks and announcement of the upcoming events

The speakers will talk about the practice, their experience of working with the themes of environment, its relation to gender, and the role of technology in the Anthropocene. Below you can see list of our speakers and their short bios: